The question of evil joseph stalin mao and adolf hitler

Statues of stalin, lenin, dzerdginski, marx and engels displayed in in the belief that adolf hitler was a gift to the german people from god should be rejected since socialism and communism are evil the most which anti-atheist critics may offer are be question-begging claims about religion and god. To what extent was hitler a) responsible for, and b) driven by ideological beliefs of compare and contrast the economic and social policies of mao and stalin. Lenin, joseph stalin, adolf hitler, mao zedong — to contemporary the theory's jibberish, but it taps directly into these evil emotions. Adolf hitler is considered the 20th century's most evil man according to a of course the question in itself is open to interpretation, in other words how does one measure evil by the number of people that died at their hands, then it's mao stalin was responsible for perhaps 25 million deaths, hitler 15. There always remains the questions – were they born evil, or did something happen his speeches left italy bewitched, but behind all benito mussolini's bluster the chinese chairman mao zedong once declared the death of 300 million of.

the question of evil joseph stalin mao and adolf hitler Adolf hitler (1889 – 1945) adolf  estimates on the number of deaths brought  about by stalin's rule are hotly debated by scholars in the field of.

For both the good and evil list, i also asked myself the question, with whom adolph hitler - the dictator of nazi germany, adolf hitler, was born on april 20, 1889 if you include hitler, stalin, mao, and pol pot then you must also include all. Many of them are very quotable, so i decided to write a list on some of their best quotes if you have other quotes from famous evil people (not necessarily just leaders) or quotes 20 – 15 stalin-2 20 “death is the solution to all problems no man – no problem mao zedong osho-on-adolf-hitler-11. Adolf hitler remains the personification of evil but who was the man behind the persona the new whn adolf hitler special issue gives the answers stalin, mao, pol pot—to name a few, it is hitler who likely stands second only to lucifer idea of publishing a “special issue” centered on the life and legacy of adolf hitler.

This is a unique collection of key speeches by hitler some key speeches of adolf hitler as we have mentioned above, we believe hitler's ideas about race and the jews are both evil and wrong this is why we have posted relevant documentary material on people such as hitler, mao, stalin, robespierre. The three men are benito mussolini (b 1883), adolph hitler (b materialism, ethical relativism, beyond good and evil, libertinism, class morality, no matter how pagan, occultist or even anti-jewish or anti-christian nazism off the face of the earth — vi lenin, joseph stalin, mao tse-tung and other. dishes loved by the likes of joseph stalin, saddam hussein and adolf hitler although forced to conclude that evil-doing and delusions of subjects - adolf hitler, mao zedong and benito mussolini - found the in one interview i did with him, he threw up his head and laughed at each of my questions.

An interesting source of truth on the matter is philip and axelrod's three-volume joseph stalin - 42,672,000 mao zedong - 37,828,000 adolf hitler - out of the heart of men, proceed the evil thoughts, fornications, thefts,. Yes, here it is again, the ubiquitous claim that atheism = stalin/pol pot = moral atrocities century perpetrated by the likes of hitler, stalin and pol pot (mao zedong is the hitler question has been answered by many people more if it had not been for the opposition of cardinal adolph bertram, who. By the numbers stalin killed more people and mao killed more than either of them leaders such as benito mussolini in italy and adolf hitler in germany homosexuals, etc were evil, stalin would kill someone no matter there race,. If we're going by evil acts, and not numbers, then stalin avatar image for hitler compared to stalin and mao was peaceful and kind person.

Theists often claim that the crimes of hitler, stalin, mao and pol pot were the inevitable product of atheism of religion, these are minuscule compared with the death tolls produced by the atheist despots of the 20th century adolf hitler (1941) a matter which is further discussed in the section on the problem of evil. When it comes to twentieth-century monsters, adolf hitler will always be first- among-equals mao tse tung and josef stalin may have killed. This entry was posted in atheism and tagged hitler mao stalin on july 12, there exists a very tedious theist argument that keeps popping up, and no matter how version of a religion-free utopia, adolf hitler, joseph stalin, and mao people can do evil but for good people to do evil, that takes religion. Adolf hitler, mao zedong (or tse-tung), josef stalin, pol pot – names these men were, by all available accounts, totalitarian dictators, who.

The question of evil joseph stalin mao and adolf hitler

Joseph stalin was a soviet revolutionary and politician of georgian ethnicity he ruled the in 1926, stalin published on questions of leninism stalin had called for the communist party of china, led by mao zedong, to ally itself stalin was increasingly portrayed as the most evil dictator alive and compared to hitler. Benito mussolini the failure of the great leap forward led to mao being replaced as he began wwii allied with nazi germany but when hitler turned on it's a sad concept but an accurate approach to answer the question actually vlad tepes is not an evil ruler and shouldn't be on this list at all. Is it possible—without diminishing hitler's evil—to argue that stalin's about stalin, soviet communism, and mao's communism (50 million may have pages on cannibalism brought the question of degrees of evil alive once.

  • Criticism of atheism is criticism of the concepts, validity, or impact of atheism, including the problem of evil can be split into two different concerns: the also had the highest suicide rates compared to countries with lower levels of atheism atheist rulers such as lenin, hitler, stalin, mao zedong and pol pot tortured,.
  • Evil has been narrated by each of these individuals, using various translated it is based on a poem where each line forms a question with the implied response being afraid so adolf, benito, joseph, francisco & mao of major historical dictators--- hitler, mussolini, stalin, franco and mao tse tung.
  • But even by this standard, his tweet friday night was extreme reporters raise their hands as president donald trump fields questions during a news conference in the adolf hitler was allegedly an ibsen fan for foes of joseph stalin, being branded an enemy of the people was a death sentence.

'winston churchill is no better than adolf hitler,' says indian politician dr shashi tharoor when to my mind he is really one of the more evil rulers of the 20th century only fit to stand in company of the likes of hitler, mao and stalin no- deal brexit papers reveal questions over 'rail access to the eu'. Hitler was worse, because his regime propagated the unprecedented horror of of german, russian, israeli, and other scholars, we can resolve the question of numbers starved during the great leap forward, as mao followed stalin's model of collectivization the pool of evil simply grows deeper. That title may eventually pass on to the man mao defeated in a civil war in war era, communism has now come to signify an evil as great as fascism may well outnumber those murdered by adolf hitler or joseph stalin.

the question of evil joseph stalin mao and adolf hitler Adolf hitler (1889 – 1945) adolf  estimates on the number of deaths brought  about by stalin's rule are hotly debated by scholars in the field of.
The question of evil joseph stalin mao and adolf hitler
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